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Single or married

Single or Married, What’s Better

Life is full of surprises, and what you think is your partner for life, might one day go. Some people prefer staying alone and some people prefer to be married to their soul mate and spend their life together. There are advantages and drawbacks to both sides of the coin, and we are going to explore the best of both sides.

Being married means that you share everything with your partner, and this includes your finances. Any money you make, or your partner makes is then spent as you two decide. This can be a great advantage sometimes, as life is full of surprises. You can get fired, and remain without income. Luckily, your partner is still employed and paid, and he/she can help you financially until you are stable at another job.
Staying single also has its own advantages. Living on your own and having your own finances might mean more financial freedom. This means that you can spend your money just the way you want to. Being married, you can have disagreements with your partner regarding financial expenses. When you are single, you can buy anything you like and manage your finances completely on your own.

Being married, you have to sacrifice a few aspects of your freedom. The number of things you can do after you have a partner is limited, as you have to take decisions that both of you agree on. This can make you feel like a prisoner of the relationship, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. Some partners are very free in their choices, and they do respect their significant other’s choices and decisions.
If you are single, one of the greatest things about it is the freedom it brings. You no longer have to worry about coming home late, drinking, not cleaning your room etc. This can give you a huge sense of freedom, as you don’t have to excuse yourself to anyone. You can do whatever you want, and there is no one to ask you questions. This brings a huge sense of freedom and some people might enjoy solitary life solely for this reason. People who travel a lot and have a dynamic lifestyle prefer to be single, as their life is usually on the move and constantly changing.

It might seem unrelated, but recent studies have shown that people who are married have better heart health. This is a factor of the lifestyle changes accompanied with marriage. When you are married, your lifestyle changes, and some of the things you like doing before might be out of your grasp. Marriage brings an increased affection and your partner will want to take care of you, and this might lead in healthy lifestyle changes. This includes dietary changes and exercising.
People who are single however, can enjoy a more independent lifestyle, which allows them to have more choices over the activities of their day. This means that they can be lazy, and no one will be there to complain. They can eat junk food all they want without hearing a single complaint, and this might contribute to bad health. However, bad marriages have shown that they result in worsened health. While it’s usually a personal lifestyle choice, being married or single can actually have an effect on your health.

Married people usually have better mental health than single people because of the affection that is always found near you. Studies have shown that depression and substance abuse are lower in married couples. This is thanks to the fact that marriage is a good source of financial, instrumental and emotional support. Marriage can make the partners feel safer in their homes and environments, leading to a great amount of psychological health.
On the other side, a bride can also drive you crazy. Bad marriages have been long-known for causing mental and physical disturbances in people involved in them. Some people fear loneliness will haunt them, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. Being single you can have more time to develop yourself and more time to spend with your friends. Being single also means that you have less problems and drama to deal with, leading to low stress levels.

Research says that people who are married live longer. This is thanks to the fact that marriage can give a sense of purpose to your life. You have a spouse and children to live for, and this can be a strong motive for waking up in the morning and going to work. Men usually benefit from marriages, and have less suicidal tendencies than men who live alone. Longevity also comes from the support of the spouse, which might push the husband towards health check-ups, make them quit drinking alcohol and take their medication. This is a very positive influence and can be a huge determinant of longevity.

This doesn’t mean that life for single guys is short. Single people have more control over their life and choices, which can bring negative but also positive outcomes. Having a family and a spouse means less time for your hobbies, which can be healthy, like bicycling etc. Living alone also means you can purchase any kind of food you like, not only junk one. Because you only have to cater your preferences, your shopping becomes much easier and you eat healthy the way you want. Again, if you have a bad marriage, all the positive benefits it has can turn into negative ones.

Divorce is what happens between a couple when things go wrong. This doesn’t always mean a bad thing, as sometimes couples understand that they can’t work together anymore, and end it off in positive terms. This leads to a less painful ending to a relationship, and many times it can be even a mutual agreement that brings positive feelings. If the couple has children, the matter then complicates slightly as they have to fight for custody. Some couples solve all these problems peacefully, and sometimes a divorce is the best way to follow in a bad marriage.
Bad marriages can ruin life quality for both partners, and a divorce will help them set their lives on track. This will give them the chance to look for someone who truly makes them happy, and move on with their lives. Divorce is a great option for couples who have lost the chemistry between them, and mutual agreement will lead to a smooth and short divorce, without many complications.

Bad marriages that end in divorces usually have complicated processes depending on the reason the marriage has been broken off, and they can last for quite some time. This includes extra expenses for following the court and lawyers. Partners might also want to share their wealth, and this can complicate the matter further. However, the only way out of a bad marriage is divorce, and it should be done by mutual consent.


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